Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Michele, Agron, Morris, Riley are the Girls of Glee Glamour

As a self-described Gleek, I admit to tuning in every Tuesday night to see what the students of William McKinley High are up to next. Yes, the singing and dancing is awesome. Yes, everything that comes out of Brittany's mouth sends me into a fit of laughter. Yes, I would endure another four years of high school if it meant I could stare at Mr. Scheuster all day. Yes, I did squeal with delight when Blaine finally kissed Kurt. But what's even better than spending my Tuesday nights glued to the TV for an hour with my roommates? Spotting the gorgeous girls of Glee in nearly every magazine, wearing the most amazing outfits. Seriously, who styles these girls? Whether on the red carpet, in a magazine shoot, or walking down the street, these girls have proven that singing and dancing are not their only skills. Lea Michele has been on one Best-Dressed list after another throughout the awards seasons. Heather Morris, who we all know for her ditzy remarks and crazy awesome dance moves, has transformed her look from preppy to posh. Enjoy some of my personal favorite looks from the girls:
Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, at the 2010 Emmy Awards in Oscar de la Renta.
Dianna Agron, or Quinn Fabray, in a Carolina Herrera tiered gown.

Jayma Mays, or Emma Pillsbury, at the SAG Awards wearing Jenny Packham.

And Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes, in a sequined Oliver Tolentino gown at the Golden Globes.

Which Glee Girl do you think has the best style?

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