Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Guide to Spring Style

Today, the sun came out. And stayed out.

Seattlites will agree, this is reason to celebrate. For too long our wardrobes have consisted of northfaces, wool socks, multiple layers of sweaters or shirts, and of course, the good ol' rain coat. But today, I saw something I hadn't seen on campus since last fall.

Flesh. Human flesh. Actual arms and legs! Today students said goodbye to their long underwear and hello to skirts, shorts, and t-shirts! Others may scoff at these students for their lack of clothing on a day that followed yet another terrential downpour, but I say let's embrace a little sunlight while we can! It's April for heaven's sake! So I applaud you few brave souls who chose to bare some skin today. I wish I could say the same for myself, but who am I kidding: I wore a rain coat over my t-shirt.

Nevertheless! This rare bit of sun has got me thinking about one thing: Spring, duh. With any new season comes a new wardrobe of options. A few major trends have been spotted cropping up in the places where a sunny day like today is nothing out of the ordinary in April. It is my pleasure to introduce the spring trends, in hopes of encouraging Mr. Sun to stay and see what Seattle has in stores, haha get it?!

Trend #1: HYPER COLOR.
I can't remember a season in which fashion has wrapped its arms around color like it has for spring. Whether in prints or solids, expect to see plenty of bold colors this spring. Besides, a little pop of color always looks great - especially when its popping out from beneath the drab black rain coat we must always remember to carry.

Spring 2011 Collection

Thank you, Madonna. Ever since last fall's resurgence of the 80's corset-clad pop icon's style, lace has been seen everywhere. This spring will be no different, but expect this flirty fabric in more romantic colors like peach or pink instead of the classic black. Whether you layer it over a tank or above a floral skirt, lace will turn any outift into sheer brilliance.

Spring 2011 Collection

Trend #3: WHITE LIGHT.
If lace is the new cotton, then white is the new black. Fashion Week in February saw countless designers sending their angelic models out in pearly-toned garments. Try a tailored jacket, long flowy skirt or tall wedges in white this spring for a bright alternative to the gloomy grey of winter.

Christian Cota
Spring 2011 Collection

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